Outreach & Outcomes

After the success of Greek Film Cultures 2013 Conference, Tonia Kazakopoulou and Mikela Fotiou act as curators of the forthcoming Contemporary Greek Film Cultures events.


Vienna, 16-18 May 2018
Blickle Cinema / Belvedere 21
Organized by the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies,
University of Vienna



Local Arrangement Committee: Taso Lagos and Nektaria Klapaki

Programme Committee: Vangelis Calotychos (Chair), Mikela Fotiou, Dan Georgakas, Frank Hess, Tonia Kazakopoulou, Kostis Kornetis, Toby Lee, Lydia Papadimitriou, Philip Phillis.

8-9 May 2015, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Report – Contemporary Greek Film Cultures Goes to America: Breaking New Ground in Greek Film Studies

Greek Film poster



Organised by: Mikela Fotiou, Tonia Kazakopoulou, Philip Phillis

5-6 July 2013, Hellenic Centre, London, UK

Report – Greek Film Studies with international scope: Contemporary Greek Film Cultures 2013

Publications: Special Issue, Filmicon: Journal of Greek Film Studies

Contemporary Greek Film Cultures 2013 Poster


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