Our book is out!

Contemporary Greek Film Cultures From 1990 to the Present was published by Peter Lang.

This collection of new writing on contemporary Greek cinema builds and expands on existing work in the field, providing a coherent analysis of films which, despite their international importance, have so far received limited critical attention. The volume maps key trends in Greek cinema since the 1990s within the wider context of production and consumption at both national and international levels. It offers a wide range of critical analyses of documentary and avant-garde filmmaking, art house and popular cinema, and the work of established and new directors as well as deliberations on teaching methodologies and marketing strategies. The book seeks to highlight the continuities, mutual influences and common contexts that inform, shape and inspire filmmaking in Greece today.

“Unfortunately we haven’t investigated systematically the diversity and the dynamism of the Greek film industry and its creative imaginary. Indeed we haven’t studied the construction of this creative imaginary and its codes of articulation. But the present book, edited by Tonia Kazakopoulou and Mikela Fotiou, Contemporary Greek Film Cultures from 1990 to the Present, is a bold testimony to the wealth and the complexity of the new field of Greek Film Studies and delineates the potential new orientations through fourteen studies which deserve close reading and attention.” Vrasidas Karalis

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